Month: April 2014


A very special Christmas Eve

This was quite an innkeeper’s challenge, but such a wonderful experience with Kathleen back in 2007, I thought I’ve share it with the world. She writes:

I traveled by train, for the very first time, from Denver to Chicago on December 21, 2007. It was very enjoyable and I can hardly wait to travel by train again! Since my train got into Chicago a bit late to catch my connection to Holland, MI, I spent the night in Chicago and left for Holland on the 23rd.

Unfortunately, that train was extremely late and because of a blizzard, my friend was unable to drive from New Era to Holland to pick me up. I was able to make reservations at a hotel but the taxi in Holland was not running, due to the weather, so I was not able to get from the train station to the hotel. The situation was looking very grim and I was beginning to freak out over the idea of spending the night in Holland’s unmanned train station, in a blizzard.

However, my friend persisted in finding a place for me and was able to arrange a stay at Bonnie’s Parsonage 1908, Bed and Breakfast. Truly going the extra mile, Bonnie came to the train station at 12:30am, in the blizzard, to pick me up.

That experience turned out to be the most fabulous part of my whole trip! Bonnie was gracious and her home was a welcoming retreat of warmth and coziness. The decor of each room was astounding, with no much attetion to detail that it would take weeks to savor and enjoy all of treasures.

Bonnie took care of me like I was family, even bringing a pot of tea to my room that night to calm my frayed nerves. The breakfast was outstanding and I was enthralled with the stories Bonnie had to share about the Parsonage, her life and the history of Holland.

Even though it was Christmas Eve and I was supposed to already be with my best friend and her family, I was very comfortable and content in Bonnie’s home. I thoroughly enjoyed my Amtrak adventure, but would have been less stressed if suggestions for overnight accommodations had been offered. I can’t encourage Amtrak strongly enough to refer your passengers to Bonnie’s Parsonage, especially when they need rescuing.

~ Kathleen H. – Aurora, Colorado

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