Month: May 2015


Can’t find a room in Saugatuck?

The Parson's Room may be available when you can't find overnight accommodations in Saugatuck and DouglasHolland is only 12 miles away from Saugatuck-Douglas. We would be happy to book a luxurious guest room for you if you cannot find overnight accommodations in Saugatuck during their busiest seasons.

You’ll love Holland, Michigan
Our beaches are beautiful and we love tourists just as much as our Saugatuck and Douglas neighbors. Give us a call whatever the season. We’d love to tell you more about our historic bed & breakfast in the heart of the city. It was originally a parsonage. We’ve kept its 1908 charm, but the parson is no longer in charge. 🙂

Lilacs are blooming on the patio of Bonnie’s Parsonage

Sip coffee or lemonade on the patio of Bonnie's Parsonage, Holland's historic bed and breakfast

It’s fitting the lilacs are in bloom in Holland, Michigan this Memorial Day weekend. Decoration Day, its original name, was declared an official state holiday in Michigan in 1871 to honor all who died serving in the Armed Forces. Late May was chosen because spring flowers were in full bloom at that time.

By 1890, all of the northern states followed our Michigan’s lead. The 600,000 Civil War casualties touched the lives of most American families so the holiday became a time when the nation could gather to pay tribute to them. Walt Whitman wrote “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” in 1865 as a memorial tribute to Abraham Lincoln following his death. While his poem wasn’t directly related to the holiday, when lilacs bloom here in Michigan, it reminds us it’s a time to honor all who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

Guest rooms available Memorial Day weekend

Bonnie's Parsonage 1908 Bed & Breakfast serves guests in the sunlit formal dining roomThe “cold snap” in Michigan hasn’t inspired travelers to pack their swimsuits and head for Michigan beaches this spring. While it’s too cold for water polo in Lake Michigan, the beach sand will surely warm with the sun. You can still enjoy the view and the summer activities that are revving up.

We have guest rooms available Memorial Day weekend. Call to book a weekend stay in Holland, Michigan. Our historic bed and breakfast has served vacationers for 29 years and we will treat you well with comfortable accommodations and scrumptious breakfasts. Call (616) 396-1316

Our Parsonage Pancake Mix is in the News

Bonnie's Famous Baked Pancake Mix helps ovarian cancer researchHurry over to the Holland Sentinel to read about my efforts to support Ovarian Cancer Research through the sale of my famous Baked Pancake Mix. For $8, you can serve my delicious creation to 2-4 guests while knowing you are also supporting a good cause:

Baked pancake recipe from local bed and breakfast hits shelves to benefit cancer research

The Parsonage: A Great Weekend Getaway

Soon the redbud will bloom in the front yard

Book a weekend or a week at Holland’s historic Bed & Breakfast right now. It’s prime season to set your summer schedule and we’d like to have you as our guest. Select from our comfortable rooms overlooking the gardens and plan on sumptuous morning delights when you wake in the mornings.

Bonnie’s Famous Baked Pancake Mix Debuts!

Bonnie's Parsonage Pancake Mix
It’s finally on the shelves at the Shaker Messenger Folk Art Gallery, 210 S River Ave, Holland, MI 49423. For the modest price of $8, 2-4 guests at your breakfast or brunch table can enjoy what all of the honored guests at Bonnie’s Parsonage 1908 Bed & Breakfast have to start their day.

Following the death of Kimberly Westrate, Bonnie’s daughter, in 2012, Bonnie embarked on a mission to assist research in Ovarian Cancer that caused her death at the age of 55. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to support finding a cure. You can enjoy a sumptuous morning creation knowing that you are also helping to find a cure for this devastating disease.

Bonnie thanks you for your support!

May is Beautiful in Holland, Michigan

The gardens are just coming to life on the first of May

While the summer tourist season doesn’t start until after the schools close, our region is in its summer finery long before. It’s a great time to have a leisurely visit to Michigan’s west coast along Lake Michigan. May first found the forsythia blooming along with the tulips and daffodils. The nights are still crisp, but it’s a perfect time to come stay with us for a getaway.