The Sitting Rooms

Why coop up in a boxy hotel room when you can stay at our bed and breakfast with all of the luxuries of a lovely early 20th century home? Every traveler needs a space to unwind after a hectic day traveling on business or taking in all of the sights on a leisurely (but exhausting) vacation.

Comfortable chairs and couches await you in the sitting rooms at Bonnie's Parsonage, Holland, Michigan

Our two sitting rooms are filled with comfortable furnishings to encourage you to feel at home. Go ahead. Turn on the television to watch the news and put your feet up.

Sunlight casts rainbows on the walls from the leaded glass windows as you relax in the sitting rooms of Bonnie's Parsonage

You might find the rooms so inviting you’ll have difficulty convincing yourself to leave. We’ll stir up a glass of lemonade or cup of hot chocolate to convince you to linger. Hey, it’s our job to treat you well, but we won’t take the blame if you are late to your next business appointment or have to cross off the next stop on your whirlwind tour of Lake Michigan’s eastern shore. You’ll have to dream up your own excuses.

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